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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Obama, Occupy, outrage: an interview with Jesse Phillips-Fein

Unbind it!, a work by Jesse Phillips-Fein (photo by Jesse Phillips-Fein)
own,Owned, a work by Jesse Phillips-Fein (photo by Eva Ostrowska)
an interview with Jesse Phillips-Fein, curator
From Obama to Occupy: Works of Outrage from 2008-2012


BAX / Brooklyn Arts Exchange announces
an open call for submissions for the guest-curated showcase

FROM OBAMA TO OCCUPY: Works of Outrage from 2008-2012

curated by Jesse Phillips-Fein

A sequel to the hit Requiem for W, Overture for O: Works of Conscience from 2000 - 2008, From Obama to Occupy: Works of Outrage from 2008-2012 will present performances works that addressed Obama Administration policies and corresponding political events of the past four years. This showcase aims to generate thoughtful, provocative, risky, and respectful critical reflection on Obama's first term.

We are seeking works made from 2008-2012 in dance, theater, music, spoken word, multimedia, and performance art, that engage with Obama as a phenomena, his Administration's' policies, and political events reflecting key challenges of the past 4 years. Works should be from 5-15 minutes in length. Excerpts from longer works are permitted.
Deadline for submission: Friday, July 27th, 5pm (received)

Artists will be notified by September 1st. 

To apply, visit

Shows are Friday & Saturday January 18 & 19th, 2013 at 8pm at the BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange. Visit for technical specifications of the Theater @ BAX. In addition, artists must be available for workshops on Sunday September 30th, 4pm - 7pm and Sunday November 18th, 4pm - 7pm.
Jesse Phillips-Fein grew up and is based in Brooklyn, NY, where she choreographs, teaches dance, and produces shows and community events to engage the performing arts in political dialogues. Require for W, Overture for O: Works of Conscience from 2000-2008 marked the end of the Bush era by celebrating how artists responded to the policies of the Bush Administration while encouraging continued action for justice. Hosted by Shanté Paradigm, the evening featured performances in dance, music, and poetry on themes including 9/11, the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, gay marriage, Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, and the now evident disastrous effects of debt-driven consumerism. The pieces move beyond simply bashing President Bush and heralding President-elect Obama. Instead, they provided reflection how we survived and commemoration for those who didn't, critical thought about the role of artists in activism, and information about how to become involved in local organizations that are working on issues of social justice. Artists included: Alexandra Beller, Tara Betts, Sabrina Chapajiev, Drastic Measures, Guta Hedwig, Remi Kanazi, Rachel Lane, Sapphire, Paul Singh, Spiritchild & Gina Young.

Without knowing the outcome of this November election, there is still need to reflect on how artists have responded to Obama and the political events of the past four years.  Through celebrating what artists created, we can discuss the new challenges for political debate and presidential critique that Obama's term brought. Obama's election highlighted racial discourse, from contentious debates about a "post-racial society", to racist attacks in the popular media, stifled response from the political Left, and the differing emotions, expectations, and disappointments, that his term had for white people and people of color. From Obama to Occupy: Works of Outrage from 2008-2012 generates a space for art to be a powerful platform to engage deeply with the contradictions and questions that Obama's presidency raised.


Founded in 1991, BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange is a is a multi-faceted community performing arts center located in Park Slope, Brooklyn offering an annual presenting season, artist services, and educational programs for youth and adults. BAX receives support from city, state and national public and private foundations. Our programs have been featured in several Brooklyn, NYC, and national publications, celebrating our continued support of artists of all ages.

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