Friday, July 27, 2012

Transformation: Questions from The Field's Jennifer Wright Cook

I'm so glad that this is the kind of arts blog that already has the word "transformation" in its list of labels (tags). No need to add it fresh! :-)

I just read an e-newsletter from The Field's executive director, Jennifer Wright Cook, who is about to take a month-long sabbatical for the purpose of engaging with "me" time, transformational time. She writes:
Today, as I prepare for my seventh year sabbatical (yup, one month of transformational 'me' time, this August!), The Field's inspiring history and our artists' fresh desires, challenges, successes and even fears have got me percolating on the potency of transformation. I urge you to take some time this hot summer to ponder your potential for transformation too. Who or what has transformed you? Who or what have you transformed? You just may be surprised by your own transformational history and how it informs your future (and ours too)!
She also offers this TED talk by noted graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister as food for thought.

I wanted an official August sabbatical this year, too--it is my birthday month, after all--but will only have a weekend getaway (for birding at Pennsylvania's Hawk Mountain) towards the end of the month. However, I love the questions she's asking here, and wanted to offer them for your consideration, too:

Who or what has transformed you? Who or what have you transformed?

You don't need a lot of time off--ideal though that might be--to give some thought to these questions. We could be asking them of ourselves every day.

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