Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer (Donna, that is) into fall with BAAD!

BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance) seeks choreographers who love to love Donna Summer for a special evening devoted to the late disco diva. Here's their announcement:
BAAD! is honoring Donna Summer as part of the 2012 BlakTino Performance Series by putting together an evening of dance at BAAD! on Saturday, October 13 at 8pm. We hope you can join the group of Bronx choreographers influenced and inspired by her music genius.
BAAD! can offer you an honorarium of $125 for a ten minute -->or less piece<---- (aprox.) as well as 4 free hours of rehearsal and discounted tickets. (2 complementary tickets and 10 $10 tickets)

Please indicate which song you will be choosing, below is the list of taken songs in an effort to not repeat songs.
We love originally mixed tracks and remixes also. Just let us know what you are thinking of.
McArthur Park
Love to Love You
I Feel Love
Works Hard For The Money
Could it be magic
Medley of love
State of Independence

Carlo Quispe
Project Manager

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