Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Celebrate with Dianne McIntyre

Dianne McIntyre (photo by Larry Coleman)
When American Dance Guild presents its Performance Festival 2012--a tribute to distinguished dance artists Elaine Summers and Dianne McIntyre--it will offer McIntyre the chance to call together a "family" reunion in celebration of the 40th anniversary of her company, Sound in Motion. McIntyre writes,

In addition to presenting Life's Force (1979), on September 6 and September 8, with twenty dancers who have worked with her from 1972-2012, she writes, she will "gather with even more people, probably in Harlem to mingle, network, catch up, have meetings between people of different generations and document stories and memories. This gathering and documentation is important to me, because there is not much available about my history and the amazing artists--dancers and other artist collaborators--I have had the chance to work with and the influence of that work on the dance scene.

"Some of the dance artists I know right now who will be involved in this celebration are (in order of the years I met them in Sounds in Motion and later) Dorian Williams-Byrd (1972), Lonnetta Gaines (1973), Mickey Davidson (1975), Cheryl Banks-Smith (1978), Alde Lewis (1976), Francine Piggott-Butler (1976), Robin Wilson (1979), Jawole Willa Jo Zollar (1980), Aziza (1983), Laceine Wedderburn (1983), Kathleen Sumler (1984), Marlies Yearby (1985), Malik Lewis (1985), Charles Wallace (1986), Shireen Dickson (1996), Telly Fowler (1999), Catherine Meredith (2006), Maria Lucas (2006), Sarah Yarrington (2011), Kalila Smith (2011), Yusha-Marie Sorzano (2012)."

For complete ADG festival information, click here.

American Dance Guild Performance Festival 2012
September 6-9

Thursday, September 6 at 8pm (followed by reception)
Friday, September 7 at 8pm
Saturday, September 8 at 8pm
Sunday, September 9 at 7pm

Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater
The Joan Weill Center for Dance
405 West 55th Street (at 9th Avenue), Manhattan

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