Friday, September 6, 2013

Study Adult Ballez with Katy Pyle

Dancers from Katy Pyle's The Firebird

Admit it: You saw Katy Pyle's gender-fabulous Firebird at Danspace Project and got inspired, right? Well, here's a workshop for you!

Adult Ballez 
with Katy Pyle and guests

September 30 through December 16 (7:30-9:00 pm)

$12 Drop-in | $60 for workshop

Katy Pyle
Adult Ballez is a dance class to explore the historically gendered and Imperialist movements of Ballet, and to radically re-imagine those potentially oppressive tools into a physicalized site of play, freedom, strength, and liberation. We will shift the focus away from athletic virtuosity and towards the virtuosity of genderqueer embodiment, and seek active engagement with classmates (aka cruising), as opposed to the typically endless shame spirals of self-loathing based upon an unattainable ideal! We'll play with ballet's traditionally gendered form, learning and practicing the steps of both ballerinas and danseurs. We'll warm-up at the barre, practice codified postures and movements, and then move into center to turn, jump and learn short movement phrases. We'll learn techniques for, and practice, partnering that is not based on size, but rather on weight-sharing, listening, and cooperation, all with the accompaniment of oft-embarassing music by queer icons. 
For more information about Adult Ballez and Katy Pyle visit

BAX (Brookly Arts Exchange)
421 Fifth Avenue (and 8th Street) in Park Slope, Brooklyn

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