Thursday, September 12, 2013

I decide, I define: women of color documentary filmmakers speak out

Defining Myself for Myself: Women of Color Make Documentary

Saturday, October 12, 3pm am-4:30pm

Long Island University, Brooklyn (DeKalb & Flatbush Aves)
Room: LLC 116, Selena Gallery
Women of color offer an original perspective and point of view, documenting films that are not just the recording of reality. They are purposeful in their storytelling intent. Their stories define women of color by women of color. Our discussion explores the uniqueness that is the female documentarian of color. What are the particular perspectives of our storytellers which impact their films and make them so unique? How can we ensure that we can continue to define ourselves in the face of forces that seek to tell us who we are?

Shantrelle P. Lewis, producer/director of the forthcoming film Black Pete, Zwarte Piet: The Documentary

Dr. Marta Vega, director When the Spirits Dance Mambo

Christine Turner, director of Homegoings and Rubber Soles.

Moderator: Leslie Fields-Cruz, VP of Operations & Director of Programming, National Black Programming Consortium.

Tickets: $7. For information call: 212-865-2982 or 718-488-1624.

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For information on Reel Sisters, click here.

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