Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brad Bradley's "B Squared" returns to Dixon Place

Song-and-dance man Brad Bradley
Last night, Brad Bradley brought his revamped cabaret show, B Squared--a hit from July's queer-tastic Hot Festival--back to Dixon Place for one night only. A survey of songs in the key of gay, B Squared clicks together items that, on paper, might not appear to be a workable collage. But they reflect the many facets of Bradley--a Broadway pro all the more winning for his generous, humble air.

There's an ode to a Barbie collection ("the only girl I could bear to see nude...fuck G.I. Joe: he gives me ennui"), a tweed-capped, Irish-accented ditty called "My Drunken Irish Dad," big ol' belters belted just the way Broadway likes 'em, and no small measure of twinkly-eyed sass, unabashed poignancy and unexpected toughness. I especially like the smart, tough edge within someone who is clearly a very sweet guy.
Joshua Zecher-Ross
Genial music director Joshua Zecher-Ross takes his place at the piano--it's decorated with a 5"-tall toy candelabra and a madcap collection of caps and hats--showing off his ability to not only play and sing with charm but also turn Bradley into his...um...straight man. "Josh, were you ever in the closet?" Bradley innocently inquires. The pianist waits a beat, replying, "I was in the womb...."
Karla Shook
Sidekicks Karla Shook (a powerhouse--watch out, Bette Midler!) and Joe Casey (Bradley's "Eskimo brother" and partner in a sexy-comic song-and-dance number) round out B Squared's joyful cast.
Joe Casey
Dixon Place has long served as an incubator of talent and new work. In this case, the talent has been cooking for a while, and the developments look good. Let's see more.

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