Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saving New York: James Godwin's "The Flatiron Hex"

James Godwin in The Flatiron Hex
(photo: Jim Moore)

The pipe is the underworld of NYORG. The main section is what’s left of an old pipeline. Nobody knows what used to flow through it or even who built it.. Some of the old tech still works and the L train still makes its run across the island. Granted, it’s only 4 times a month. AND NEVER ON WEEKENDS.
--James Godwin, The Flatiron Hex

One of Manhattan's most distinctive, most photographed structures, the Flatiron Building certainly captures the imagination. But did you know that it also holds the key to our salvation?

Okay, neither did I. Something about opening the right windows in the right order to create just the right Aeolian harp-like tone and vibration. But you can try figuring it out with hilarious James Godwin at The Flatiron Hex, his new puppet/performance art/visual art extravaganza, a Dixon Place commission directed by his co-writer and sound designer, Tom Burnett.

This is a supernaturalhexacalifragilistic tale of one Wylie Walker, a sorcerer-shaman hired to protect a futuristic, plague-ravaged New York City (now called NYORG) from an impending superstorm. We meet the nonsense chant-spouting Walker--"Most of what I do is flim flam..."--and Godwin surreptitiously controls and visibly speaks for a host of some of the creepiest, most pointless puppets you've ever seen. Favorites include an elegant rat queen and The Tongue--security firm owner and mayoral candidate--who makes exits in a certain way that, for no reason at all, leaves people in stitches.

Godwin's super-power appears to be the ability to creep and gross us out while keeping us tethered to his charm. Last night, that charm got tested to the max by equipment malfunction, a situation Godwin milked and milked productively and quite winningly.

Just avoid the front row because...well, there will be blood.

Remaining shows are tonight; May 22-23; and May 29-30--all at 7:30pm. I suspect this will sell out. So hurry to get more information and tickets here.

Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street (between Rivington and Delancey Streets), Manhattan


Anonymous said...

Saw "The Hex" last night, and it's great to see this review today!! Will definitely be going again.

Eva Yaa Asantewaa said...

Hah! Yes, I could definitely see going again. It's not the kind of thing that goes stale! LOL!

Jean Marie Speaks said...

Thank you for your wonderful review of "The Flatiron Hex". We're so glad that you liked it and grateful for your kind words. ~Jean Marie Keevins, Producer, "The Flatiron Hex - Little Shadow Productions

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