Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dance for everybody: See "PS DANCE!"

Ana Nery Fragoso and students in PS DANCE!
(photo: Christopher Duggan)

Movement unlocks the body and heightens the spirit. -- Paula Zahn

Documentary filmmaker Nel Shelby has crafted a love letter to the power of dance and the power of learning with her new film, PS DANCE!

Narrated by veteran TV journalist Paula Zahn, the hour-long film takes viewers inside several New York City public schools (K-12) that incorporate dance programs into their educational vision--still a rarity in US schools.

We meet a host of lucky students and their gifted teachers--among them, Patricia Dye of Brooklyn's Science Skills High School for Science, Technology and the Creative Arts and Catherine Gallant of Lower Manhattan's PS 89--who make a persuasive case for the value of dance in the curriculum, with clear benefits far beyond the boosting of academic performance. Yes, teachers can use creative movement to reinforce class material students need to learn, but dance also enhances imagination, body awareness and wellness, confidence, the ability to give and take respectful feedback and to collaborate with others as dance artists do. Students need not aim for professional careers in dance to acquire habits and skills that will serve them well in all aspects of life.

Watch PS DANCE! 

THIRTEEN -- May 15, 10:30pm

WLIW21 -- May 17, 3:30pm and 10pm

NJTV -- May 26, 10pm

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