Friday, May 15, 2015

A database for Black/Diasporic dance communities

Here's an important announcement and request from our colleague, A Nia Austin-Edwards:
There is an emerging outcry for more intensive connection, communication, and sharing of resources/networking amongst and within the Black and/or Diasporic dancing communities. The Coalition of Diasporan Scholars Moving (CDSM) has been in conversation concerning the development of a database that connects diasporan scholars moving and a dialogue also surfaced during the Dancing the African Diaspora Conference led by the Collegium of African Diaspora Dance.

As if that wasn't enough, Camille A. Brown took on an exciting endeavor at APAP 2014 to organize a conversation among Black female choreographers and those who support their work - The Gathering. Through conversation facilitated by Baraka Sele, the database concept emerged as a place where Black dance artists and their supporters can connect, share resources, and build their network. Camille, Indira Goodwine (Company Manager), and myself took on this task and began to gather information to lay a foundation for this database.

Recently at a CDSM steering committee meeting me, Lela Aisha Jones, Saroya Corbett and Norma Porter Anthony committed to moving the database concept forward.  From this point forward they are working to combine efforts as many entities seem interested in the database coming to fruition.  This is where you come in.  We need some feedback regarding the creation of a database as we want to be sure to fulfill a need that the community is invested in.  
Please complete and SHARE this survey:
The more responses we get, the more responsive this database can be (couldn't resist a little tech humor! lol). If you are not on the CDSM listserv please contact so they can make sure your receive information regarding the database.  Following the survey we'll be reaching out to a number of partner organizations to help build this database in the way that best serves us all. If you are interested in more detailed information or have additional suggestions about the database, LET ME KNOW.

Slowly but surely, we're moving this idea along. As with all things, we can't do it alone. We look forward to your responses!

Peace & Love, 

A. Nia Austin-Edwards (ANAE) | | @KwanzaaKid

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