Saturday, August 23, 2014

What's current with The CURRENT SESSIONS?

Gearing up for the upcoming dance season? Flex your dance-viewing muscles now at the latest edition of The CURRENT SESSIONS's choreographer showcase, running this weekend at The Wild Project. That small East Village house offers good looks at some new visions by early and mid-career choreographers and movement-based artists.

Like any omnibus presentation, The CURRENT SESSIONS's VOLUME IV, ISSUE II program can be an uneven mixed bag. You'll likely find some works in these 90 minutes more absorbing than others. Go for the variety and the possibility of discovery.
EmmaGrace Skove-Epes (photo: Ian Douglas)

Check the weekend schedule for EmmaGrace Skove-Epes's of milk, of fresh snow, of the margins of this page, an edgy, strongly-performed solo arising from "the place of angst in art-making within a context of white female sexuality, white privilege, narcissism, and examining the dilutive qualities of whiteness." (Her title and blurb alone are works of art.) of milk seems an invitation to look at covert discomfort with and dissociation from a body that, despite all that, is going right on asserting itself--at least, that's what I, a Black female, took away.

Troy Ogilvie's solo, performed by Andrea Murillo, makes me wonder anew how to tell the dancer from the dance--both are mighty and slick, stretched to distortion but always in control. It's a dance/dancing with size and attitude. (Imagined conversation, Murillo to Ogilvie: "I got this.") The Gil Scott-Heron recording that accompanies the piece adds an intriguing layer of texture and tension.

Oh, one more thing: Since you'll be dressed for summer, take a wrap. The Wild Project's A/C was strong enough to defeat even the trusty sweatshirt I had slipped over my shoulders.

Check here for more information about The CURRENT SESSIONS's VOLUME IV, ISSUE II and a schedule of performances 7:30pm tonight and tomorrow at 3pm and 7pm.

The Wild Project
195 East 3rd Street (between Avenues A and B), Manhattan

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