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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sprenger rocks 'em

Here's a quick recommendation: Megan V. Sprenger/mvworks, concluding the run of ...within us this week at Performance Space 122. This hour-long work's benign beginning--why, it could be a downtown cocktail party without the cocktails!--swiftly gives way to controlled chaos within a tight environment that the troupe has obviously come to know very well. They have to know it--and one another--quite well, for there's risk for themselves as well as for us, the audience, observing from the very unsafe space they inhabit. Forget the fourth wall; this dance rocks you hard, sometimes comforts you with a touch, never lets you off the hook. You look but rarely from the privilege and luxury of distance. It sent a chill up my spine. I'm still rattled by it. I never come right home and sit down to write about a piece, but here I am, right now, writing to you.

Sprenger's valiant performers are Tara O'Con, Maria Parshina, Alli Ruszkowski and Richert Schnorr. Her team, cooking up this visceral/emotional experience, includes Joe Levasseur (lighting), Jason Sebastian (sound design and composition) and Brad Kisicki (set design).

...within us continues with 7:30pm performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a 5:30pm performance on Sunday.

Information and ticketing

Listen to my May 11th interview with Sprenger for Body and Soul podcast.


Aval said...

wow, hope you did not get whiplash! i'm remembering from this interview talk of sitting on swivel chairs. thanks for making this post.
rock on EVA!

Eva Yaa Asantewaa said...

Hah! Well, there were no swivel chairs--just small wood crates, useful not just for the eventual sitting but also for tucking away handbags, press kits, and the like. Megan and her team did a really good job with everything.

Keep rockin'!

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