Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Did you miss your chance to LYAO with DNA Comedy? Sorry!

DNA Comedy
messing with Beyoncé again 

Not fair. Only ONE showing of DNA Comedy's Affirmative Reaction?

What's that, you ask? 

It's a half-hour mixtape of music video-style dancing by muumuu-wearing, cane wielding "elders" and hilarious comedy sketches that rudely turn racist hiring practices and sexist exploitation on their heads, dumping their pocket change, Metrocards and chewing gum all over the floor. 

All of it brilliant, silly as hell and going by at a head-spinning clip with, somehow, time enough for folks from the audience to get in a little dancing at the end, too.

And performed by a cast of thousands...well, no, more like sixteen, including talented Richard Armstead, Nancy MillienAutumn Scoggan and Tsige Tafesse, all under the wickedsmart vision and direction of writer-choreographer Denae Hannah (@denaehannah).

I'm sorry you missed last evening's show at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. But perhaps you'll get another chance. Or perhaps you're in a position to give DNA Comedy another chance. If so, get to it. 

We can all use a really good laugh. And soon.

Denae Hannah's DNA Comedy 
is online here.

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