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Friday, April 4, 2014

Creatively angry: J Dellecave at HERE

Scenes from J Dellacave's Angry Women REvisited
(photos by Benjamin Lundberg)

In Angry Women REvistedJ Dellecave (director/sound designer) and a host of collaborator/performers create a fantasia from an illustrious source text, Angry Women, Andrea Juno's 1991 book of interviews with Diamanda Galás, Holly Hughes, Annie Sprinkle, Lydia Lunch and twelve other radical women performance artists.

The theater piece, now at HERE Arts Center through Sunday evening, seems deliberate and idealistic in its nostalgic, unsophisticated roughness--picking up tools and trying out a palette of styles out of the past. It can feel draggy, longer than its 70-minute running time, but it's a pleasure whenever a coherent, communal energy radiates from it, mainly through an effective and affecting use of music (Röyksopp's catchy, if eerie, "What Else Is There?" animating each performer in increasingly intense, individual ways while uniting them all across a range of cultures and genders) and a poetic imagery of movement (a solemn procession of people, some of whom turn out of line like pages in a volume; a Shiva-like stack of dancers with snaking arms and wine tumblers). If nothing else, I'm motivated to pick up the book. Reason for anger remains; reason for questioning what community is, who it includes or empowers, excludes and silences, and how it does or does not move forward remains, too.

With performers Avi-Rose, Angela Beallor, Joshua Bastian Cole, Kate Conroy, Gaby Cryan, lizxnn disaster, Roo Khan, daniel rosza lang/levitsky, Sloan Lesbowitz, zavé martohardjono, niknaz, Azure D. Osborne-Lee, Jenny Romaine, Zachary Wager Scholl and Alma Sheppard-Matsuo

Performances at 7pm through Sunday with an additional 2pm matinee on Saturday

For ticket information, click here.

HERE Arts Center
145 Sixth Avenue, Manhattan
(entrance on Dominick Street, one block south of Spring Street)

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