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Friday, December 2, 2022

BODY AND SOUL: Ziiomi Law is not playing small!


Performer Ziiomi Law
(photo: Cathey Ann Lynette Woodard Law)

Ziiomi, a Black nonbinary femme, is laughing & smiling while giving a profile shot of their not quite bald head. They are wearing a teal one piece that looks like it feels soft to the touch. There's a v- neck cut in the center of the one piece and Ziiomi's hands are clasped at their belly. They have multiple facial adornments, a gold decorative septum, two double piercings in their right nostril, and a silver labret piercing. They are showing all 52 as they smile and laugh! The joy is present.


Hello, again, everyone! It certainly has been a long, long time!

I'm reviving my long-abandoned podcast Body and Soul and, in the course of doing so, reviving InfiniteBody blog as well!

I hope you'll inspired by this first new episode featuring interdisciplinary artist Ziiomi Law, US born and raised, now a resident of Panama City, Panama. I asked Ziiomi to talk about what helps them--as a person and artist--reach beyond restrictions to be all they can be.

Listen to the podcast episode here. Subscribe to Body and Soul for more!

Now, read on below for more about my special guest, Ziiomi Law!

Eva Yaa Asantewaa



Ziiomi Law, Firedancing in Puerto Viejo, 2021
(photo: Brian Wimer)


Ziiomi is semi-silhouetted on a dark night on the beach. There is sand beneath their feet. The are holding two fans aflame with fire. They have on a sparkling bra top and some flowy black pants. Half of their head is shaved and the other half is cut into a loc bob that rests at their shoulders.

Bio: Ziiomi Louise Law is a professional dancer & performer, death doula, arts organizer, and acrobat nomadically based nowhere & working everywhere. They are an ever evolving Blackity Black, loudly queer artist, who sweats glitter & smells like sweet cocomango shea. An embodied Et Cetera, period!

As a non-binary multi-hyphenate, they give big GLIT energy on their best day/s. When dueting with liberation Zii comes out to play as D R I P, the freest version of themmeselves who does not know a world without pleasure & hopes you never do either. Swimming in the erotic, slithering up poles, & dancing as a fireworker & flow arts aerialist brings themme joy.

Raised in the South, grown across the East Coast, & seasoned with a generous dash of international spice; Zii carries home in their pockets.

You can find them luxuriating at the intersections of both/and. They believe if it ain’t a full body YES, it’s a no!


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