Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coming soon from Movement Research: Le Song, Ya?!

Like Christmas, signs of the annual Movement Research Festival--this year, entitled Le Song, Ya?!--are already in the wind. To see what curators Adrienne Truscott and Jibz Cameron (of Dynasty Handbag fame) have in store for the much-anticipated, reportedly lasagna-like festival week, click here.

Tuesday, December 3, should prove to be a particularly amazing day. It includes:

EXORCISE CLASS--facilitated by the aforementioned curators--"A hyper-aerobic, sweaty, instructional,conceptual dance party designed to work out you psychic fat blockage and tone up supersensory abz. While living your spandex dreams and looking real." (11am-1pm at Danspace Project; $10)

WE CAME TO THIS CITY TO SHIT ON A STAGE--"How do we make, define, notice 'transgressive' art in a city whose identity, economy and landscape are increasingly manicured, welcoming, mainstream, highly visible and inaccessible?" (6pm at Gibney Dance Center; FREE)

Also recommended:

PERFORMING VULNERABILITY--"What does it mean to be vulnerable in performance? Is vulnerability a state or can it be 'done?'" Panel moderated by Adrienne Truscott. Panelists include: niv Acosta, Ben Asriel, Hilary Clark, Miguel Gutierrez and Juliana May (6pm at Jimmy's No. 43, 43 East 7th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, East Village, back room; FREE) 

Movement Research

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