Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Susana Cook brings her "Caligula" to Joe's Pub

Joe's Pub 

Susana Cook's

A show about Cruelty and Pleasure

November 19, 9:30pm
Susana Cook (photo by Lorie Novak)
Legendary downtown theatre auteur Susana Cook brings back Caligula, the meanest man in history, in this delightfully witty and savagely funny play. Caligula, the cruel and brutal man who thinks he's God, is dissected, lampooned and spliced with the everyday acts of normalized cruelty that people do in the name of entertainment, pleasure and protein - and because they taste good. There will be comedy, savagery and even an orgy or two - all to a musical score by Julian Mesri.

“Cook’s style is to employ chitchat and push it to extremes of absurdity. She’s really good at it.” -EDGE New York, New York
“With an entertaining blend of show tunes, massacres, and orgies, “We Are Caligula” explores just how our species justifies war, and racism, and homophobia, and all the other stuff that ends in us devouring each other (and animals) without a second thought.” -Gay City News

Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette (between Astor Place and West 4th Street), Manhattan

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