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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scenes from "Dance for DNA" at Dance New Amsterdam

For Dance for DNA, a part of the Ideas City 2013 festival, numerous choreographers turned out to show short works-in-progress at Dance New Amsterdam. From the building's roomy lobby to a tiny sliver of space inside the women's locker room, DNA was hopping with fresh dance from morning 'til night.

Located just across Chambers Street from City Hall, DNA represents an essential part of New York's dance ecosystem for its extensive education and performance programs as well as its support of young and emerging artists. Well-recognized, award-winning choreographers--such as Ronald K. Brown, Kyle Abraham, Souleymane Badolo, Jonah Bokaer, Bill Shannon, Monica Bill Barnes and Nora Chipaumire--have all found opportunities to develop and showcase nascent work at DNA.

Learn more about Dance New Amsterdam here and find out how you can lend your support to this important institution.

All photos by Eva Yaa Asantewaa (c)2013

This and following: choreography by Catherine Galasso

This and below: choreographers Tara Lee Burns (left) and Kellie Ann Lynch

Choreography by Marissa Niederhauser
Choreographer Elena Demyanenko (right) with Leah Morrison
This and below: choreographer Julian Barnett

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Amber Henrie said...

It was definitely a great day at DNA

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