Friday, May 3, 2013

Artists come together against gun violence

Participate in Art = Ammo
an Artists Against Gun Violence performance/event

Saturday May 18, 2pm
(rehearsal 12:30 pm)

in Newark, exact location TBA

For more information and to see an example of the performance: {listed on site as soon as we clear the location}

To participate, please email
It started on February 24, 2013. Almost 200 artists and activists met in NYC’s Times Square. We held our hands up in a surrender position for 26 seconds, 26 seconds to honor the 26 victims of Newtown. Vulnerable to opposition in a very public place, we singularly sank to the ground and dropped into a lifeless position as our partners traced our outlines with chalk. An exponential crime scene emerged. We wrote a word inside each chalked body image­ the name of a victim, their age, a statistic, 'senseless,' 'loophole,' 'mother,' 'son,' 'enough' and then...walked away. Left on the ground was a sea of literary and visual reminders of lives lost." 
--Lorin Latorro
In the words of Brecht, ‘Non­action is a tragic flaw’. As artists, we have the responsibility to act.

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