Monday, May 6, 2013

Rujeko Dumbutshena workshop for annual SOAK Festival

The 2013 SOAK Festival presents dancer Rujeko Dumbutshena in a special LEIMAY Ludus Lab on June 9.

Rujeko Dumbutshena (photo by James Petrozzelo)
Participants will learn movements inspired by traditional Zimbabwean African dance. Rujeko’s class is influenced by her study of West African, Congolese and ballet techniques as well as her experience in FELA! The Musical. She is passionate about teaching the rhythmic intricacies embedded in Zimbabwean dance traditions in a manner that is accessible to people regardless of their previous dance experience. Students will have the opportunity to internalize the movements and rhythms of a dance form that is rarely performed or taught.
June 9 | 4pm-6pm | @ CAVE home of LEIMAY

58 Grand Street (between Wythe and Kent Avenues), Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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Fee: $22 (online registration required)


For information on all SOAK workshops, click here.

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