Friday, September 23, 2011

Heather Olson's "Shy showoff"

I hear that the rest of The Chocolate Factory's run of Heather Olson's Shy showoff is sold out. But you could try calling 212-352-3101 and see if they've started a waiting list.

The choreographer's 45-minute trio, danced with Levi Gonzalez and Erin Gerken, strikes me as the kind of mystery box of quiet surprises that might make for a cozy idyll on a rainy weekend.

There's wit, a relaxed but distinct precision and even a little Chrissie Hynde (always welcome) when you least expect it. This abstract piece works its modest glamor through an airy, luminous clarity of form and performance. Its shy, showoff imagery melts on the tongue the way a dream, no matter how lucid in the moment, melts away into the night. You must attend--in both senses of that word. I hope you get in.

The Chocolate Factory
5-49 49th Avenue, Long Island City, Queens

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