Monday, September 12, 2011

A conversation: dance and consciousness

Movement Research's
Studies Project series

Dance and Consciousness
A conversation among choreographers, philosophers and performers on the nature of consciousness and how dance as an artistic practice acts as experiential research into this fundamentally human yet indeterminate and far-ranging territory. In addition to gathering different perspectives on the subject, some questions will be considered: How does dance affect current philosophical thinking on consciousness? How do choreographers and performers engage with theory on the subject? How have personal experiences and artistic practices contributed to private and collective understanding and development of consciousness? How can these experiences enter into broader discourse on the subject?
Participants in this conversation include Alva Noë (philosopher and author of Out of Our Heads), Michelle Boulé (dance artist), Miguel Gutierrez (choreographer), RoseAnne Spradlin (choreographer), and others. Conceived of and moderated by Vanessa Justice. Thanks to Gibney Dance Center for the donation of space.
Free. Reservations not necessary.

Thursday, October 6, 6pm 

Gibney Dance Center
890 Broadway, 5th Floor, Studio 4
(between 20th and 21st Streets, Manhattan)
Movement Research

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