Thursday, September 29, 2011

And now, a little morning music...

Directed by Kaz Phillips Safer (

MaryLouise Burke as The Drinking Buddy

Sam Pinkleton, Dan Safer, and Sean Donovan as The Boys.
with David Clement and Rob Bailey

Cinematography by Chase Bowman
Edited by Kaz Phillips Safer
Choreography by Dan Safer
Art Direction by Rachel Hauck

"Drinking Buddy (featuring Marylouise Burke)" by David Clement (ASCAP) is on
iTunes at:

Produced and Recorded by Rob Bailey at Fancy Studios
Vocal: Marylouise Burke
Guitar: David Clement
Bass: Tony Garnier
Harmonica: Rob Bailey
Additional vocals: Erin Evermore Bailey

Locations provided by Clandestino Bar and the lovely Kourtney Rutherford

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