Thursday, March 23, 2017

See "Enter the Faun" on WORLD's America ReFramed

"I grew up totally mixed up between art and medicine."
-- choreographer Tamar Rogoff

"To be able to feel the floor with my whole foot is an amazing sensation.
That's so new to me."
--performer Gregg Mozgala

Above and below:
Gregg Mozgala and Tamar Rogoff
appear in the documentary film, Enter the Faun
(photos: Andrew Baker).

Enter the Faun, directed by choreographer Tamar Rogoff and Daisy Wright, will receive its US television premiere next week on America ReFramedWORLD's independent documentary series. The film explores the rigorous and intimate process between Rogoff, an artist deeply engaged with the body's intelligence and diverse neuro-capacities, and Gregg Mozgala, an actor and playwright with cerebral palsy as the collaborators prepared his first foray into dance--her 2009 work, Diagnosis of a Faun. It is a persistent questing beyond fear and panic to a memorably sensuous performance.
Challenging the boundaries of medicine and art, as well as the limitations associated with disability, Tamar and Gregg opened the door to new and endless possibilities. His transformation was so radical that even before Tamar could understand its ramifications, she knew she needed to document it and share it.
Mozgala partners dancer Emily Pope-Blackman.
(photo: Harvey Wang)
Photo: Harvey Wang
Drawing: Robert Eggers
Design: Olivia Klaus, Orange Static

Check local listings for the March 28 US premiere screening on WORLD (8pm EST).

Starting Wednesday, March 29, Enter the Faun will be available for free streaming for audiences across the US on WORLD. It is also available for purchase here.

Read about Mozgala's work with Rogoff in "Learning His Body, Learning to Dance" by Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times, November 24, 2009.

And follow this link to my Dance Magazine review of Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects' 2009 La MaMa premiere of Diagnosis of A Faun. I wrote that Rogoff "shows us people testing and achieving balance through moving away from what’s safely familiar—physically, intellectually, emotionally—into something new."

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