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Monday, December 5, 2016

Orlando Zane Hunter, Jr.: Receiving our spiritual nourishment

Orlando Zane Hunter, Jr.
is a choreographer who researches, illustrates and creates
 from an African-American male perspective. 
In his work, he tackles issues resulting from 
a capitalistic imperialist patriarchal white supremacist system.

(photo by Ricarrdo Valentine)

Love & Forgiveness: I am really interested in the social function of love and forgiveness. I question a society that calls itself a “Christian nation” yet remains at odds with the practice of that very philosophy. I’ve found that love and forgiveness in this society is derived out of a white heterosexual patriarchal religious structure. In order to receive these vibrations (because we are humans and understand frequencies i.e. feelings, hence the use), according to the dominant socio-religion you have to assimilate to the specific ways in which love and forgiveness is imparted to you. For me the concept of love and forgiveness is found in the humanity of my mother’s and grandmother’s hands. Where do we receive our spiritual nourishment?
Collard greens and Corn bread go together like love and forgiveness an ancient healing practice. Most of us forget the ways in which we’ve fucked up. Our mothers and grandmothers, and this a general statement, are always there fueling us since birth. It’s up to us as growing citizens of our communities to look at these finite yet very embodied experiences of love and forgiveness as tools of resistance. I ingested the magic of my mother and grandmother, becoming realized, knowing that in order for me to pass through this plane of existence I’d need to learn how to love myself and forgive myself and reciprocate that with others. How do we become active in love and forgiveness? Let’s cook more, sharing the warmth of our souls with hungry hearts and stomachs.  
-- Orlando Zane Hunter, Jr.

how to survive a plague
by Brother(hood) Dance! 
(Ricarrdo Valentine and Orlando Zane Hunter, Jr.)
Danspace Project at St.Marks Church
Platform 2016: Lost & Found
Co-curated by Ishmael Houston-Jones and Will Rawls

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