Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tapilosophy: A dialogue on tap

(Photos: Jane Goldberg; Greg Hines, photo by Greg Gorman)

With her new blog series, Tapilosophy: Gregory Hines to Jane, tap's champion, Jane Goldberg opens her trove of email correspondence with the late, great Gregory Hines. Goldberg describes Tapilosophy as "emails to be read, inspired by, and discussed in your tap lives as you travel the world."

So, was Greg Hines a PC guy? Or a Mac guy?

Definitely a Mac guy, and he had people figured out PC or Mac-wise, too. Like the beloved tap master Buster Brown:
Buster was a Mac. Very attractive to look at and to spend time with. Easy to know. Rarely crashed. Displayed a very intuitiveness about his dancing and made it look easy. Anyone who got to spend time with him loved Buster. Oh yes….. Buster was a Mac.
I grieve that we do not have Hines's voice in the mix today. And certainly his tapping feet.

Thanks for bringing us Tapilosophy, Janie!

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