Friday, April 12, 2013

Witnesses relocated to La MaMa

Javier Perez and Saori Tsukada in Eterniday (Photo by Adele Bossard)

Let me tell you: Watching Witness Relocation theater troupe while dealing with the last but tenacious dregs of jet lag is a very weird thing. The wacky disjointedness gets even more disjointed, and if something isn't making clear sense--I don't know: something about clouds, something about love, something about traffic circles, something about Don Quixote, and I can't even read my notes at this point--well, who's fault is that? If jet lag is all the ultimate trouble of drinking without any of the fun, Witness Relocation's frothy, boisterous Eterniday--running now at La MaMa's Ellen Stewart Theatre through April 21--provides the fun part. When New Agey metaphysicians talk about how material things are, in essence, energy, they're talking about Witness Relocation, and the prevailing energies here, at La MaMa, are luminous, airily poetic, un-ironically romantic and playfully sexy.

While the usual suspects--Mike Mikos and Sean Donovan--are capable and charming beyond measure, I think you'll especially enjoy Saori Tsukada's star turn (how vibrantly she embodies the Witness Relocation dance/acting nexus) as well as the plummy intonations of Carey Harrison (son of Rex) whose larger-than-life image comes to us by way of video.

Members of Witness Relocation in Eterniday's strobe light segment (photo by Jonathan Slaff)
Written by Chuck Mee. Directed and choreographed by Dan Safer. Co-created and performed by Nikki Calonge, Sean Donovan, Vanessa Koppel, Kate Lee, Mike Mikos, Javier Perez, Saori Tsukada and Carey Harrison.

See Eterniday now through April 21. For information and tickets, click here.

La MaMa (Ellen Stewart Theatre)
66 East 4th Street (between Bowery and Second Avenue), Manhattan

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Eating Out Alone said...

Eva Yaa - and Wil Petre! Old regular in Witness Relocation - he was Don Quixote. We love him.

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