Sunday, April 28, 2013

Allison Orr: from trash to treasure

Trash Dance, a luminous and fun film by Andrew Garrison, follows choreographer Allison Orr's progress as she befriends Black and Latino sanitation workers in Austin, Texas, and--in her gutsy, hands-on way--learns about the diversity and intricate details of their labor. Her project? To guide these men and women as they turn equipment and everyday actions into the stuff of art. How can you take a garbage truck, something that we commonly see--and, yet, don't really see--and make it expressive? Orr--who, as Artistic Director of Forklift Danceworks, has crafted projects with Austin firefighters and the gondoliers of Venice--steps up to this fresh challenge with surprising and moving results.

Meet Orr and Garrison this Wednesday, May 1 (7:30) for a special screening of the multiple award-winning Trash Dance, with moderator Aviva Davidson (Executive and Artistic Director, Dancing in the Streets), or catch the last New York screening on May 2.

1FP reRun GastropubTheater
147 Front Street, Brooklyn (DUMBO)

For tickets, click here.

For information on other screenings of Trash Dance, click here

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