Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Freedom to MOVE: Dance and Alexander Technique

A conference on Dance and the Alexander Technique

developed by Ann Rodiger

presented by Balance Arts Center

May 17-19



Joan Arnold
Tom Baird
Rebecca Brooks
Nada Diachenko
Daria Fain
Emily Faulkner
Eva Karczag
Juliette Mapp
Katherine Mitchell
Rebecca Nettl-Fiol
Cynthia Reynolds
Ann Rodiger
Shelley Senter
Jennifer Sielicki
Erin Thompson
Luc Vanier
Deborah Weitzman
Come join us for the third Freedom to Move Dance and Alexander Technique conference.
We will continue to explore how the Alexander Technique supports and complements dance technique and performance.
Movement freedom, ease, and coordination can be enhanced and taught through concepts and principles of Alexander Technique.  The conference provides experiences and exploration of many ways the Alexander Technique can be applied to dance – from tango to composition to research to performance.
You will also have time to share and exchange ideas as we work together.
All the conference presenters have had extensive experience both in teaching the Alexander Technique and in dance. The Alexander Technique has greatly influenced their thinking and approach to movement, how they teach, and how they create work. The variety of workshops speaks to the fundamental all-encompassing nature of the Alexander Technique and how the concepts are permeating many corners of the dance world.
Come join us and explore!
Pearl Studios
500 8th Avenue, 12th Floor (between 35th and 36th Streets), Manhattan

Full conference schedule HERE
Register HERE
Registration by May 1st: $225
Registration after May 1st $250
Student rates and Single sessions available

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