Friday, September 7, 2012

Pyle and Skloot premiere "Covers" at The Bushwick Starr

Covers--presented by dancer-choreographers Katy Pyle and Jules Skloot at that funky little Bushwick Starr performance space--is totally worth your time this weekend.
Performing beneath quilts, Katy Pyle and Jules Skloot shape-shift through an amorphous landscape of literal and metaphorical covers, inhabiting and discarding roles through cover songs, dance styles, and contemporary performance tropes.
Text by Francis Weiss Rabkin.  Music contributions from Erica Livingston, Margot Bassett, and Katie Workum
That does not mention Carrie Wood's enchanting lighting design (evoking candlelight, a campfire, daybreak) and how an interweaving of guileless entertainment and emotional transparency--plus some beloved pop music--makes this hour-long duet poignant and irresistible.

See it tonight, Saturday night or Sunday at 8pm. Get tickets here.

The Bushwick Starr
207 Starr Street, Brooklyn

And if you haven't yet heard Pyle's beautiful recording for Listen., here's the link to my blog post for it (click).

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