Friday, September 14, 2012

Mac Low's collection

Highly, highly recommended: Spend your weekend with Clarinda Mac Low and a whole bunch of friends at Danspace Project's PLATFORM 2012: Judson Now. Mac Low presents 40 Dancers do 40 Dances for the Dancers, based on a text by her dad, the poet Jackson Mac Low, with dancemaking responsibilities parceled out to a variety of "downtown dance" notables. She calls it "a love letter to my dance community, and a recreation of a child's eye view of the 1970s New York 'avant garde' arts world."

In this nomadic (wear comfy shoes), episodic experience, you'll marvel at bodies elastic, unpredictable, intoxicated by space (that last, particularly inspired by dancer Abigail Levine, but it could be any and all of them). You might wonder aloud with the poet, like delicately beautiful Simone Forti, "What's the point of all this art?" Or, with the alternately thoughtful and unruly David Thomson, ponder the consequences of molecular exchange between dancers. Less a formal concert than a lively village, 40 Dancers is family-friendly--in fact, family-inclusive--and has a way of turning even seniors into tiny kids. So go--tonight or tomorrow at 8pm--and have fun.

Info and tickets

Danspace Project
131 East 10th Street (corner of Second Avenue), Manhattan

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