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More ways to share: dancers bartering

Connect the Blocks: Resource Sharing in NYC Dance
Monday, June 11 (6-8:30pm)

at Performance Space 122 (Downstairs Theater)
150 1st Avenue (entrance on East 9th Street), Manhattan

Join Dance/NYC, Fourth Arts Block, OurGoods, and the wider dance community to discuss resource sharing in NYC dance. Money for dance making is scarce. What happens when we make dance using resources other than dollars? What are our opportunities for creating economies of collaboration and combination? New Yorkers are responding to these questions with innovative models for identifying, leveraging and sharing resources to make their work and achieve their missions. This Town Hall will showcase some of those solutions, instigate a larger conversation about strategies and tactics for sharing, and close with a live barter meetup, including a crash course on the fundamentals of bartering and a mapping of the needs and haves in the room.

Intended to advance economies of collaboration and combination in NYC dance, the Town Hall will launch Connect the Blocks, a joint Fourth Arts Block and OurGoods initiative to strengthen the resource sharing culture for independent dance makers across the City. Made possible with leadership support from the National Endowment for the Arts, Connect the Blocks will offer a suite of workshops, events and online resources to advance resource- and capacity-sharing as a replicable and sustainable model for cultural production.

Featured Speakers
Jen Abrams, Co-Founder, OurGoods
Tamara Greenfield, Executive Director, Fourth Arts Block
Alexa Bradley, Program Director, On the Commons
Rob Handel, Managing Director, 13P

Please share your thoughts on resource sharing on What happens when we make dance using resources other than dollars?
Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) was founded in 2001 as the nonprofit leadership organization for the East 4th Street Cultural District, a historic and vibrant arts corridor in Manhattan between Second Avenue and Bowery. Now a neighborhood-wide coalition of 26 arts and community groups, FABnyc drives cultural and community development, while preserving the Lower East Side's rich heritage and creative energy.
is a barter network for creative people. Online and in person, we facilitate the barter of skills, space, labor, and objects. The site matches barter partners, provides accountability tools, and offers technical assistance resources. It is an instigator for generosity, a locus of empowerment, and an innovative model for supporting the work of artists.
On the Commons (OTC) is a commons movement strategy center founded in 2001. Our purpose is to activate the emergence of a commons-based society by: building and bringing visibility to the commons movement; initiating and catalyzing commons work that focuses on Commons-based solutions; and developing and encouraging commons leadership.
13P (Thirteen Playwrights, Inc.) is a collective of playwrights that realizes full productions of new plays. The resources of the company are placed at the disposal of the playwright at work, who serves as the company's artistic director during the production of her play. The mission calls for the company to produce 13 plays, one by each founding member, before the organization's planned implosion in 2012. The production model created by 13P has been replicated around the world with its encouragement.
Dance/NYC is a branch of Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance. Dance/NYC's mission is to sustain and advance the professional dance field in New York City-serving as the voice, guide and infrastructure architect for all local dance artists and managers. The organization achieves this mission through: advocacy, research and convening.

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