Thursday, October 20, 2011

To hell with Beyoncé

My colleague (and Dance Magazine review editor) Siobhan Burke has been following the uproar around Beyoncé Giselle Knowles's thievery--and, yes, I called it that. We're both fans of Slate's Culture Gabfest podcast, and Siobhan has shared a few thoughts about how this whole brouhaha--as well as dance itself--has been handled on the Gabfest and elsewhere.

Bottom line for me is, why does one of our most accomplished, respected dance artists have to get ripped off by a pop superstar for dance to get any attention at all?

Read Siobhan's posts on PHASE.SHIFT: "Big Moment" and "On Second Thought..."


Bonnie Cehovet said...

Eva -

Thanks for sharing this link! I read an article about the very real problems that Beyonce caused by what she did with that video, and had to shake my head. For an intelligent person, she is so not!

This article addressing the lack of recognition from the public for those in the dance world - very timely!

Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

Thanks so much for your note, Bonnie, which I will pass along to Siobhan. Send me the link for that article you read. I'd like to see it.

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