Monday, October 3, 2011

Pan African journal examines dance

JPAS - Journal of Pan African Studies presents a special issue on dance. Click here to access and download pdfs of the issue's many articles including:

"Terminology of Difference: Making the Case for Black Dance in the 21st Century and Beyond"
by Takiyah Nur Amin

"Theorizing Connectivities: African American Women in Concert Dance"
by Thomas F. DeFrantz

"I Just Want to Get my Groove On: An African American Experience with Race, Racism, and the White Aesthetic in Dance"
by Tracey Owens Patton

"CaribFunk Technique: Afro-Caribbean Feminism, Caribbean Dance and Popular Culture"
by A’Keitha Carey

"Hoodoo Religion and American Dance Traditions: Rethinking the Ring Shout"
by Katrina Hazzard-Donald

"African Dance as Healing Modality throughout the Diaspora: The Use of Ritual and Movement to Work through Trauma"
by Nicole M. Monteiro and Diana J. Wall

and much more.
The Journal of Pan African Studies works to become a beacon of light in the sphere of African world community studies and research, grounded in a trans-disciplinary open access scholarly peer-reviewed construct, simultaneously cognizant of the multilingualism of our audience, and the importance of universal access in cyberspace; regardless of geography, economic, social or cultural diversity.

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