Saturday, October 8, 2011

So...I won exactly what?

So I went to Fitzgerald & Stapleton's Smell of Want performance at Abrons Arts Center, reviewed here by Claudia La Rocco of The New York Times and worth reading. It's fairly clear from La Rocco's writing that she had no more of a clue about the import of what she experienced than I did. I have nothing to add, and I can only assume that the description you will find on the Abrons site is deliberately intended to subvert thought and deflect understanding rather to support those things.

Oh--sorry, Steve--there actually is one more thing: Despite being assigned to the infamously glittery Winner's Circle, I walked away totally glitter-free--a small disappointment, as it turned out. In fact, it's kind of funny about the apparent formal significance of when you enter the space, where you sit, what that seating section is called and how it's decorated or not decorated. If any of that has any connection to what's going on in F&S's performance in Abrons' wonderful little Experimental Theater, someone please kindly tell me what I missed.

I did like Kryssy Wright's sometimes wavery lighting on the stone walls in this intimate space that suggests a cozy, dimly-lit sauna--Smell of Want's performers do wear, as La Rocco notes, costumes designed by Mother Nature--as well as lightly evoking something more ancient and ritualistic.

With performances by the Irish choreographers Emma Fitzgerald and Aine Stapleton and dancers Deborah Black, Maryanne Chaney, Anastasia Cohen, Carl Harrison, Linda Sue Stein. Although listed in the program, Arturo Vidich has been performing--and quite spectacularly so--this week in Dancer Crush at New York Live Arts.

Sound by Nicholas Santiago

Smell of Want concludes this evening with an 8pm performance. Click here for information and ticketing. Seating is extremely limited. If tickets are still available, you might be able to select your seating area--ticket price adjusted accordingly.

Abrons Arts Center (Experimental Theater)
466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street), Manhattan
(map and directions)

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