Sunday, June 12, 2011

What if the dance dances us?

Lake Lowell, Idaho (c)2011, Eva Yaa Asantewaa

"...perhaps the most vital task of the sleight-of-hand magician is precisely to startle the senses from their slumber, to shake our eyes and our ears free from the static, habitual ways of seeing and hearing into which these senses have fallen and the deadening influence of abstract and overly-objectified ways of speaking and thinking.

"Yet perhaps such magic is also, now, the province of all the arts..."

--David Abram, Ph.D., Alliance for Wild Ethics
A wonder: Do we find ourselves caught up within and experienced by the dancing that we see?

Does the dance we see also see us?

And, if so, how might that make awareness and transformation available to us?

I welcome you to read an essay by David Abram--"Animism, Perception, and Earthly Craft of the Magician"--and to consider his thoughts as well as my questions and how they might relate to our experience with dance.

Please feel free to post your responses as comments here and/or on this post as it appears on my Facebook wall.

Thank you!

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