Thursday, February 6, 2014

Find your courage: some tips from performing artist Suzana Stankovic

7 Ways to Be More Courageous
Suzana Stankovic
(photo by Amanda Bohorquez)
What I’ve learned so far is that great performing artists are ballsy. They dare. They are brave and audacious and because of it, they blaze in our memory long after the performances have ended. 
I’ve also learned that the choices we make as artists on a daily basis, both the pivotal and seemingly insignificant, lead us either toward greater courage and empowerment or toward fear and smallness.
Bottom line is, without courage we can never dare to discover ourselves, dare to take risks, or dare to share with the world who we are, truly and uniquely, as human beings and performing artists.
--Suzana Stankovic
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7 Ways to Be More Courageous
by Suzana Stankovic, Backstage, February 5, 2014

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