Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Apply for choreographic commission at Temple University

The Dance Department at Temple University invites choreographers to submit proposals for its 2014 Reflection:Response choreographic commission. THE FUTURE OF THE BODY & DANCE: WITHIN & BEYOND CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY AND NATURE

Whether you locate your work in somatic investigation or socio-political inquiry, we welcome dance- makers from all backgrounds. For further information about the Reflection:Response series, this year’s theme, or the proposal guidelines, please see the accompanying sheet.

The Commission Brief:

You are asked to create a new work that speaks to the theme of Reflection:Response/ THE FUTURE OF THE BODY & DANCE: WITHIN & BEYOND CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY AND NATURE that will be presented on October 24 and 25 at 7:30 PM.

Although it is not obligatory, we welcome any opportunities to include Temple students as part of this choreographic commission. Students may be selected through audition and numbers included are entirely at the discretion of the choreographer.

You will be given a $5000 grant and you will have regular access to rehearsal space in Temple University Department of Dance studios throughout June-August 2014. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer travel, accommodation or per diem.

You have the option to stage the work in the Conwell Theater at Temple University Main  Campus, or at an alternative site within the Main Campus or North Philadelphia area. We can provide stage management, lighting and sound technicians if you choose to present the work in Conwell Theater. In addition to the performance, you will also be asked to offer a master class and lecture demonstration to students in the Dance Department in mid October 2014.

New this year, we are offering an exciting opportunity to connect with a dance scholar from Boyer College of Music and Dance. A dance scholar/theorist will be assigned to work with the commissioned choreographer in a mutually agreed upon capacity which could range from dramaturgy to writing a critical text on the artist's work. Choreographers should note in the proposal how they might envision working with an author.

Proposal Guidelines: 

Please submit a 2-page application as an email attachment (with your full name in the subject heading) that states:

    Name, address, telephone and e-mail address 

    A short performance biography 

    A brief description of the artistic aims of your proposed work with a clear articulation of how it speaks to the theme of Reflection: Response/ THE FUTURE OF THE BODY & DANCE: WITHIN & BEYOND CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY AND NATURE 

    A brief description of how you might envision working with an author. 

    A breakdown of your budget (include expenses and projected income) 

    Anticipated technical requirements 

In addition to the written application, you are asked to provide a 5-minute sample of your work (please send a link to You Tube or Vimeo - No DVDs) with a brief statement outlining why you would like us to look at this particular section (150-word max). 

Deadline for proposals: MARCH 24, 2014 

Please send your proposal to:

Julie B. Johnson: 

Please note that the Selection Committee will meet to review applications in mid-April and you will be notified about the outcome of your application by: April 28, 2014. 

2014 Reflection:Response

Merián Soto, Committee Chair

Julie B. Johnson, Graduate Assistant 

Please send any questions to
Merián Soto, Professor 
Esther Boyer College of Music & Dance 
Temple University

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