Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New York Live Arts to explore the live ideas of James Baldwin

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James Baldwin
As part of The Year of James Baldwin*, a city-wide, multi-disciplinary celebration, New York Live Arts will launch Live Ideas: James Baldwin, This Time!, April 23-27, at its Chelsea center. Through lectures, panels, conversations and programming in theater, visual art, dance, video and literature, New York Live Arts will lead an exploration of the continuing pertinence of this great American essayist, novelist, playwright and social critic.

Highlights will include the world premiere of Nothing Personal, starring Colman Domingo; previews of Carl Hancock Rux's Stranger on Earth and STEW's Notes of a Native Son; the world premiere of Dianne McIntyre's Time is Time; a discussion on Baldwin and Queer Futurity; and a conversation on what Baldwin would say about contemporary America, moderated by festival curator, Lawrence Wechsler.

Click the Soundcloud link below to listen to the January 15 New York Live Arts media briefing for Live Ideas: James Baldwin, This Time!


Bill T. Jones, Executive Artistic Director of New York Live Arts

Jean Davidson, Executive Director and CEO of New York Live Arts

Lawrence Weschler, non-fiction writer and Baldwin festival curator

Patricia Cruz, Executive Director, Harlem Stage

Rich Blint, Associate Director, Office of Community Outreach and Education, Columbia University School of the Arts

Aisha Karefa-Smart, niece of James Baldwin

For further information on Live Ideas: James Baldwin, This Time!, visit

*Partner/Collaborators in The Year of James Baldwin include Harlem Stage, New York Live Arts, Columbia University School of the Arts, The Office of Community Outreach and Education and The New School and its Vera List Center for Art and Politics and the School of Writing

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