Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Join Shay Wafer and Camille A. Brown on Facebook today, 3-4pm EST

Shay Wafer, 651 Arts ED
You know what? We really should talk about how Black arts organization and business can survive and thrive in today's economic climate.

651 ARTS Executive Director Shay Wafer will discuss the arts and sustainability with choreographer Camille A. Brown in an open Facebook chat today, 3-4pm. You're invited to join in with your questions, observations and ideas.
As 651 ARTS enters its 25th year of dedication to the performing arts of the African Diaspora, we are thinking about sustainability over the next 25 years. There have been conversations about the future of Black organizations and how we can create new business and economic models. Inevitably, a conversation on sustainability always includes the question of individual contributions and earned income: How de we create and/or grow these revenue steams?

We would love to hear from folks why they contribute to an arts organization, or if they don’t, why not. What would inspire or encourage them to do so?
For more information and to participate in today's chat, click here

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