Tuesday, August 13, 2013

American Tap Dance Center plans its September Open Houses

Lynn Schwab, Chikako Iwahori and Max Pollak of Rumba Tap
at American Tap Dance Foundations' 2012 Tap It Out
(c)2012, Eva Yaa Asantewaa

welcomes you to its

September 2013 
Open Houses
Need a place to make noise? Put your feet to the beat! Come check out our studios, meet the faculty and take a sample class!
Saturday, September 7, Noon to 1pm
Wednesday, September 11, 4pm to 5pm
Sunday, September 15, Noon to 1pm

American Tap Dance Center
154 Christopher Street, #2B (near Washington Street), Manhattan

RSVP: shebach@atdf.org or 646-230-9564

And learn more about what the American Tap Dance Foundation has to offer, such as Tap Addicts Anonymous, a brand new tap dance ensemble for adult fast beginner and advanced beginner students, and Tap Talks/Tap Films, monthly presentations, panel discussions and special events engaging the tap community of dancers, historians, teachers, writers and choreographers. Click here.

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