Friday, June 21, 2013

Shake/Walk with Kathy Westwater: free workshop, June 29

(photo by Anja Hitzenberger)

 "PARK Scores #2" (2012) by Kathy Westwater
with dancers Hilary Chapman and Jeremy Pheiffer 

Movement Research at First Street Green invites you to take the free Shake/Walk Workshop with Kathy Westwater on Saturday, June 29 (Noon to 1pm):
Taking two everyday forms of movement, we will allow these forms to disorganize within, and to be disorganizing of, our bodies. The sensations that arise within this unstable and unbound matrix range from relaxing to energizing, from disorienting to freeing. Speculating on physical and perceptual states that occur amidst the contingencies of environmental trauma and the precarities of economic collapse, this workshop iteration explores locating this improvisational practice in an outdoor urban environment, beyond the four walls of the studio. Open to movers of all backgrounds; wear comfortable street or dance clothes.
For complete information, click here.

irst Street Green
33 East 1st Steet, Manhattan

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