Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A video tribute to dance artist Jennifer Monson

Jennifer Monson Tribute Video, Movement Research Gala 2013 from movement research on Vimeo.
2013 Movement Research Honoree Jennifer Monson

Audio interviews: DD Dorvillier, Pooh Kaye, Alejandra Martorell, Cathy Weis, Jeremy Nelson

Written Quote: Yvonne Meier

Photos by Tom Brazil and Henry Hills; and courtesy of Pooh Kaye, Jennifer Monson and Jeremy Nelson

Video footage: "Zeena Parkins and Jennifer Monson at the Clocktower, July 2011" with videography by Ryutaro Ishikane and courtesy of Jennifer Monson and iLAND - interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art Nature and Dance; "Jennifer Solo - Cape Cod" from Live Dancing Archive and "14 Street Migration" (2001 and 2002) from the BIRD BRAIN project, courtesy of Robin Vachal; "Trash Can Study" (1983) courtesy of Pooh Kaye; "Mad Heidi" (2005) courtesy of Yvonne Meier; "String of Lies" (1995) courtesy of Cathy Weis; and "RMW(a)" (2007) and "Yvonne Meier and Jennifer Monson" (2010) courtesy of Movement Research

Music: Zeena Parkins, Orra

Video Production: Catherine Galasso and Rosalie Elkinton

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