Thursday, November 15, 2012

What makes (a) Kelley Donovan dance?

What makes Kelley Donovan dance? And what makes a Kelley Donovan dance? Find out a little of that below, and find out more on Friday, December 7, when Kelley Donovan & Dancers presents Entwined--an evening-length dance exploring connection and interdependence--at Gibney Dance Center.

From Kelley Donovan's Entwined (2012) Photo by Randall Collura
This new work has a greater emphasis on partnering and relationship, exploring the gray area between the extremes of purely classical modern dance and theatrical narrative. I am very interested, through this work, in exploring how abstract dance can be expressive. I am also interested in the musical qualities of the moving body, and in the energy the individual performer projects whether tentative, aggressive or somewhere in between and finding sounds that emphasize that person's energy so you see them as an individual. I am curious about the progression of that energy and how that can create a sort of organic or visceral movement narrative that emerges within the work simply from the range of dynamics and shifts of dynamics as the work progresses. -- Kelley Donovan
from Kelley Donovan's Made of Paper (2010) Photo by Di Zhang
I am most interested in dance that expresses the intimate self through movement, ranging from soft fluidity to athletic physicality. A non-linear series of images and serpentine movement gathers strength in its accumulation of details, gestures and exchanges of energy with one another. -- Kelley Donovan
Among other notable dance critics, Boston-based Marcia B. Siegel (The Phoenix) hailed an earlier work by Donovan: 
The piece transcended the ordinary… Donovan's movement…is lush and lyrical. Few choreographers today have such a clear sense of space and continuity.
Kelley Donovan & Dances in Entwined
Friday, December 7 (7:30pm)
For information, click here or call 617-388-3247.

Gibney Dance Center
890 Broadway (at 19th Street), Manhattan (5th Floor)


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