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Our Timeline: Collective for Dance Writing and New Media

Collective for Dance Writing and New Media


JULY 2011
After participating in a dance community discussion convened by Dance/NYC, dance writer Eva Yaa Asantewaa contacts colleagues about holding similar meetings to address the specific needs of dance writers.

AUGUST 24, 2011
Eva Yaa Asantewaa convenes the first of several meetings at Gibney Dance Center to discuss conditions and issues within the profession of dance writing. Attended by print and online writers, dance artists and experts in new media.

Collective for Dance Writing and New Media’s Mission Statement is adopted.

CollectiveDWNM goes social on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Audioboo.

Official announcement of the formation of CollectiveDWNM.

FEBRUARY 26, 2012
Dance artist/writer Gus Solomons jr and Lane Harwell (Executive Director, DANCE/NYC) announce CollectiveDWNM at Dance/NYC’s annual symposium at Gibney Dance Center.

MARCH 2012
Eva Yaa Asantewaa invites dance artists/writers Aaron Mattocks and Cory Nakasue to form an Executive Committee for CollectiveDWNM.

MARCH 2012
Temporary Web site created.

May 2012
CollectiveDWNM’s launches official Web site (, created by Aaron Mattocks with logo design by Marissa Sher.

JUNE 23, 2012
Writing on Tap forum, co-sponsored and hosted by American Tap Dance Center, features award-winning tap experts and performers--including dancer-choreographer and educator Brenda Bufalino, dancer-choreographer-director Derick K. Grant, 2011 Bessie Award winning dancer-choreographer Michelle Dorrance, jazz pianist Frank Owens and tap historian Constance Valis Hill, Ph.D., author of Tap Dancing America, A Cultural History.

Eva Yaa Asantewaa invites candidates for internship and forms CollectiveDWNM’s Leadership Circle, an internship/leader empowerment program.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012
CollectiveDWNM will hold its first Open House for prospective members and interns, hosted by Gibney Dance Center, featuring special guests Shay Wafer ( Executive Director of 651 Arts) and choreographers Kyle Abraham and Marjani Forté.  For information, click here.

For general information on Collective for Dance Writing and New Media, click here.

To get involved--and help us add more achievements to this great timeline--email us at!

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