Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Body and Soul" podcast presents Listen.: Doug Varone [AUDIO]


It's time to revive my old dance interview podcast, Body and Soul.

I'm starting with Listen., a new series-within-the-series that will feature short, unmediated takes by artists from the dance world and allied disciplines about...well, really about anything they want to say, any way they want to say it. While I expect that these folks have plenty to say about life, art, politics, spirituality and more, each one will have to keep it all down to 10 minutes max--which is good for focusing the speaker's mind and holding the typical Web surfer's attention, right?

Click here to subscribe to Body and Soul podcast in iTunes and listen to my great first guest of the new series--choreographer/director Doug Varone, Artistic Director of Doug Varone and Dancers.

Doug Varone (Photo by Phil Knott)

Doug Varone and Dancers
Joyce Theater season, October 9-14

All upcoming performances
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