Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Go out on a limb with BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance) as BAAD!'s annual OUT LIKE THAT festival--dance, theater, film, what-have-you--roars into life this Thursday, June 7, running through June 28.

Two of the many events include:

OUT ON OUR LIMBS, featuring choreographers Maria Bauman, Toni Renee Johnson and Tadashi (BAAD! Artist in Residence). Friday, June 15, 8pm

Maria Bauman goes out on a limb for BAAD!

“MEN” DANCIN’ LIKE THAT!, described as an "earth-shakin’ line-up of dancers and choreographers express themselves fiercely from burlesque to vogue to salsa to contemporary dance forms," featuring Modesto Acosta, Filip Condeescu, Alberto Denis, Joamer Gonzalez, Rayvawn Johnson, Maverick Dance Experience, David Padilla and Jesus Candelario, Jose Xtravaganza, Princess Xtravaganza and Antonio Ramos. Saturday, June 16, 8pm
For information, a full festival schedule and directions call (718) 842-5223 or click here.
841 Barreto Street, the Bronx

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