Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dance critic Tobi Tobias remembers Bill Como

Admittedly, Bill and I were an odd match. We must have disagreed about three-quarters of the issues that came our way. Our artistic taste was light years apart. Just for instance, he was a Béjart guy; I was a Balanchine gal. (Need any more be said?)
-- Tobi Tobias on Dance Magazine's Bill Como
Beginning in the dynamic 1970s, Tobi Tobias was my first review editor at Dance Magazine at the launch of my professional writing career and, along with Burt Supree at The Village Voice, eagerly sent me out on a million quests for what's interesting in dance across all kinds of traditions and techniques. (So, now you know who to thank--or blame, perhaps--as I do.) Here's a spot-on, gorgeous blog post about the start of her own dance writing career and her working relationship with Bill Como, the magazine's editor-in-chief from 1970-1988, who died in January 1989.

The Boss: Personal Indulgences No. 21
by Tobi Tobias, Seeing Things, ArtsJournal.com, January 16, 2012

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