Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Folks, I'm not sure if this is any kind of official Occupy event--or if there is any such animal--but it sure looks promising, and I love the name!

Queer Takes on The Revolution

Wednesday, December 7 (7:30pm-8:30pm)

$-this is a pass-the-hat situation

brainstormed by: t.l. cowan, jasmine rault, susana cook, ted kerr

featuring: excellent talent
Dyke Check! Because social justice is fabulous. Change is queer. And we've been making activism sexy for years and years.
Join us for DYKE CHECK! a quasi-monthly series of queer-minded curated short performances, readings, glitterings, cruisings and conversations that celebrate our revolutionary heritage, exploit our knack for destablization and showcase our role in the revolution.
The future is queer. The future is now. Welcome.
For more information, click to email Tedd Kerr or T.L. Cowan.
Dixon Place
161a Chrystie Street, Manhattan

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