Wednesday, February 22, 2017

FABnyc's new RESPONSE series: show work, get peer feedback [UPDATE]

Sign up now* for a spot in RESPONSE, FABnyc's series of sessions (part of The Sustainable Artist Toolkit), intended to foster a culture of support and care in our artist community. I'm honored to be the facilitator for the launch of what we hope will be a useful, ongoing resource.

The series offers opportunities for participants to sign up to present work and to respond to those presentations.

Spots to share your work will be given on a first-come first-serve basis. We would like to adopt a “pay-it-forward” model and ask that artists that wish to present work also sign up for an alternate session as a responder.

At RESPONSE, artists share work in development and receive feedback from peers in safe, supportive space. We will be asking the presenting artists to give us a brief idea of the kind of feedback they would find most useful. In general, we hope you will approach this time with respect and empathy for your fellow artists and offer the kind of responses and reflections you would seek for your own work. This is not a space for judging the merit of artistic product but for sharing what you’ve experienced and asking questions that will help artists see their work through your eyes and move it forward. Please feel free to give us your helpful suggestions to make future RESPONSE sessions work well for everyone.

Available salon dates are:

Mar 1, Apr 12, Apr 26 and May 3--all Wednesdays, 2-4pm

NOTE: The March 1 salon has been cancelled.

hosted by Arts On Site, 12 St Marks Place, Manhattan

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